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We know our people are busy. So, we make sure to keep them informed on the latest news from the anime, video game, comic industry and whatever other shenanigans are happening in the community.  

When we aren’t doing that, we are making our own original content for them to enjoy Senpai Project style.  

We specialize in organizing events. From official convention after parties to our own original experiences. We pride ourselves in making the most prime, top quality and memorable experience for all our guest. Our attention to detail, care and inclusive atmosphere is what makes us different.

 As soon as you walk through the door, your one of us now. Unless you’re a jerk. Nobody likes a snob.

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We are currently working on our first original manga.

We are excited to share 

more news and updates with you soon!

At Senpai Project we take care of our own. We are so happy to add these companies to our family. 


Photographer / Film of the Year

Javier Alfaro has been our number one go to photog and videographer since 2018. We still love our old and new team members who made it happen and a big shout out to all of them. Javier is based in Texas and has done the following conventions :
C2E2 / A-Kon / Anime Matsuri / San Japan /Delta H Con, Oni Con / RTX, ComicPalooza and more. IG: alfashots956 
Without him, we would have never receive the beautiful pictures and mini videos he sends us. He literally covers the entire State of Texas, which isn't easy to travel. His feedback helps us run articles for these reviews from every con he has been too. His second hand is Kevin @noobs_squad_photography who has been helping him through his journey back and fourth.
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