What emotion conquers you the most?


Words from the director: 

“My influence came from a manga called Cells at Work, how the human anatomy comes to life just like my manga. Imagine the emotion chart, picking all of them and turning them into anime characters with real struggles, problems, powers and can choose to be either good or evil. Why did this group have to be picked to be confronted? That is for you to find out.

The main characters will have to fight with their own mental illness and upcoming disorders. I want this manga to be in one way help the readers reflect the characters issues or problems onto you all. My math professor always told me, when you have a problem to solve, there are at least more than one way and formulas to get that answer. 

Took me about one year to reach one chapter, create 25 characters with character background, setting, script, story board, panel and toning, story and some more. I want to finish hoping by next year at least 40 pages, I will also have 10 new characters that will be added but in the future.”

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